Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Women’s progression – Men’s stagnation

As we progressed by leaps and bounds into the 21st century, we've lost focus on home needs by placing high importance on careers. Life has become meaningless as we aim for luxuries that are affordable only if we earn high incomes.

This trend is not restricted to men; women do the same. I've been actively bashing men for their follies, their failures and their inability to live up to women's expectations. However, I've been playing safe by taking the focus away from the issues that women raise with the kind of progress they've made over the last few centuries.

Creating a favorable home-atmosphere is extremely crucial for family. Women have progressed a lot more than men over time. If you peek into a rundown of history from evolution, women were the nesters and men the hunters. Women protected the homes and prepared the food by gathering plants and smaller game. The men hunted and brought home the larger game. Tasks were assigned and roles defined. Fast-forward to the present day and we find that there are no clear boundaries. With evolution comes change and adaptation. Women have changed – yet men remain riveted to the days of yore where they were the primary hunters.

Over the years, men were allowed their transgressions while women chastised for the same infidelities. As society progressed, women lashed back and fought against this unfair system of judgment. Society creates the rules and the biases. Women today still face the general public's verdict for each and every action of theirs.

The working woman today faces a very demanding schedule. She has to make sure there's food on the table, beds are made, lunch boxes packed and head to a long day's work. In between she as to deal with children's school pick-up, after school activities, the baby-sitter and her own work. She heads back home to bathe the kids, prepare dinner or attend a social evening and keep a good mood for her man. Where does she get time to relax? Now she has her financial independence, but emotionally, she is still caught up with her man who refuses to value her contribution to the household and income. What pushes all lines of reason is that if the woman does not get what she thinks she deserves, and the man isn't willing to make the time to accommodate her needs, she knows that she has a choice to walk out. This gives the woman a double-edged sword. Sometimes it's wielded for the wrong reasons – but then again, the individual in question is the best judge of that.

With the power of financial independence, men can't hold women hostage anymore. This is a phenomenon that they cannot accept or deal with. Tolerance levels across genders have fallen drastically, and the ultimatum is doled out before one can say "Jack Robinson". It isn't fair to the men that women use this power to their advantage. But then again, for centuries, men have wielded and abused their powers over women, and they've suffered through it all.

There is no right or wrong in this situation. Marriages are falling apart too easily today because nobody wants to waste their time with the wrong person. Who is to say that this is wrong? Sometimes people are just not suited for the other, they grow out of each other, take different paths and are no longer compatible. Sometimes, it's just a relationship turned sour, verbal or physical abuse, infidelity or even reconsideration of sexual preferences (I'm sure you're smiling at this one).

Life goes on. Some women abuse the rights they have with false lawsuits or accusations. Yes, women have progressed a lot more than their male counterparts. Perhaps, it's time for men to play catch-up instead of sulking in silence or wallowing in self pity. Step out of that cocoon that you've woven yourself into and move forward. Accept the woman of today. If you've progressed enough to wear trousers instead of a dhoti, you can very well make a mental leap forward as well.

Darn, I've done it again!!! This post was supposed to be against women, but somehow I've managed to turn it around. Food for thought: I guess men are the bane of women's' existence!

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Anonymous said...

you know what.... I think you have to meet a person like me to actually make you undertsand the meaning of MAN & WOMAN.. I am sure you will hate me for this but this is crazy that you sometimes say that WOMEN are the best thing that has happened to mankind. OK... just to keep you and your race happy, please realise that men need women and so do the women... in the same damn way!!!! Also... a small piece of wisdom... say whatever, I think women should learn to accept that a man is a step ahead of women..... Sorry about this though :)