Friday, January 22, 2010


Reading Happy Karma’s blog post on paranoia and eternal worrying, my mind goes wandering down memory lane to all the times parental paranoia has caused great grief to my development as an individual. I’ve gone through years of having to listen to why the world is such a dangerous place. I’ve been restricted from talking to boys, from going for a walk alone, from exercising in my own front yard and even from getting a job. I’ve been told not to help an accident victim for fear that the cops would arrest me for a crime I did not commit. It’s also been rammed down my throat why I shouldn’t trust servants or for that matter, trust anyone at all. How many times have I had to sit down and patiently listen to why the world is such a bad place?

I’ve lived in fear for the better part of my teenage years and early years of my development as an adult.

I’ve thrown all fears and worries out with disgust today. I live freely. I trust people. I drive alone. I believe that there are good people in the world. I think that paranoia only seeks to attract negative things in life. I trust myself to make the right decision. I believe that if I am true to myself, good things will happen.

Things have changed for the better since I lifted the veil of paranoia, secrecy, mistrust and anger. Tit for Tat surely stands true, not only for negative elements but more for positive ones.

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starry eyed said...

Agree with you. The world is as we think it to be. We attract what we think about, period.