Monday, March 15, 2010

Ravages of fire: the sorrow still remains

A shocking incident alters the lives of many who touch it: some through association and some through relation. A young boy died in the fire at Calrton Towers in Bangalore - too young to have fallen prey to the evils of gross negligence.

I met him just once and I felt deep sorrow to hear of his demise. One can only imagine the fate of the family that looked at this boy as a ray of hope - all their dreams came crashing down that fateful day when fire ravaged a prominent building in the heart of the IT city.

It’s a pity that despite this tragic event that still has people fighting for their lives nothing major will change in the structures around. Building owners will continue to deviate from standards; they will carry on breaching contracts; faking documents and violating safety norms. 

In the face of this a few common folks will take the initiative to spread awareness; even if one life can be saved in the future, their efforts will be well worth it.

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