Monday, March 22, 2010

Trying to be a writer

Six months ago, I decided to opt out of corporate life and work out of home. I’ve had my ups and downs since I launched into freelance writing, at first by taking on corporate work and then, more recently, by working on stories from the heart. I’ve ghostwritten / edited a book for a young boy, folk tales from Gujarat and some others while trying to find an avenue for my own book.

I wanted to be a writer, to be more precise, a romance writer. I’ve fantasized for years on stories of how people meet, played scenes and dialogues in my head about love and lover’s tiffs, read romances, and waited for my prince charming to charm me.

For ten years, in my 20’s I went through heartbreak and tears as life had different plans for me. I walked out of a failed relationship, one that could have destroyed my joy for life, and before I knew it, the years flew by and I found true love. 

Second Innings, my better half likes to call it, but it’s a truly delightful journey.

As I tried desperately to get a romance novel published (of which I have 3-4 chapters ready), I’ve mailed several publishers, all who have rejected it. I really don’t think it’s bad – it’s just a pure bred romance, one that I think a Harlequin Romance publishing house would accept, but I haven’t sent it to them. Why? I ask myself – because they don’t accept submissions in India.

In the meantime I decided to enter writing competitions—two of which received positive responses for the same post: one for Indus Ladies International Women’s Day and the other for the February Blog Contest on The Colors Magazine.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled with the responses. I’m glad to have made an impact. Now, I feel the need to write more stories / tales from the heart. 

I want to be published…I just want to write. I hope it works out. I’m sweating it out over a new theme that I discussed with a fellow writer who had been more than just a colleague. She’s been my inspiration in many ways, a sounding board and a wonderful friend. I like to think of the two of us as a solid partnership. We’ve worked together, successfully on several projects and continue to do so. Without her, I don’t think I could have lasted as a freelancer. The days are too long and too silent to have only your own thoughts to reflect on.

Anyhow, I hope one day I see my name (or pseudonym) on the cover of a book.


bibhash jha said...

best of luck !

Sumira Khan said...

:D Thank you for your kind words, dear friend, colleague, fellow-writer and sounding board. :)