Friday, June 17, 2011

Ban Politicians' Posters From Defiling the Landscape

Don’t you want to rip all those ugly posters of politicians all around the city of Bangalore? It makes my blood boil to see those horrid faces plastered all over, ruining the vicinity. Bangalore is no longer the beautiful city it once was. It is true that most Bangaloreans take for granted the greenery around. In fact, we hardly even notice it owing to the rather pathetic state of our civic infrastructure. As we struggle to drive our cars and bikes through well-deep potholes, squeeze through the maze of traffic, climb over illegal road humps the sizes of which are the root cause for under carriage wear and tear, it is near impossible to look around and see a thing of beauty.

As Keats once said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Sadly, the words of this great poet have no bearing in the city of Bangalore anymore. Monstrous high rises line the cityscape, newly laid road are ripped apart by the infamous trench diggers and traffic snarls snake through the once quiet, tree-lined streets. Pavements are a joke—they have become 1) Parking spots – reserved too, if you notice the painted signs on the walls daring you to park in their zone, 2) Mini shrines – notice the fake Babas who set shop on the smaller roads, 3) private gardens – the arrogance of home owners to take over the pavement lining them with pots, creating beds to prevent parking along their wall on the public road.

Woes are many but the one topmost on my list is the atrocity of politicians to defile our vision by putting up gigantic displays of their faces. I wish there was a rule barring those arrogant, so-called leaders from invading public spaces. If you look (and that too not even closely), most of the posters floating around are of thugs, goons. They don't deserve to be leaders. They are just out there trying to make more money to feed their overflowing coffers. The posters do nothing for anyone but feed their own sordid egos. 

Must we bear with this anymore?

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