Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I didn’t win

My post for the Indiblogger contest did not find a spot among the winners :( 

Am I disappointed? Of course I am. Very. I really thought I’d be somewhere on the winner’s list. I read a few other posts. They were good too. However, I thought my post was better than many. But, it’s my opinion. And obviously, I’m biased. Naturally, I’d root for myself.

I battled feelings of disappointment, deflation, dejection and jealousy to name a few. I’m a sore loser, I am. I really thought I’d win. I was hoping to win the iPad. You see, I just got a new iPhone—my dear, sweet husband bought it for me, after many months of longing and subtle (well, not so subtle) hints. It worked.

I’m ecstatic. I love the iPhone. It’s fantastic. Although there was at least one person who said there were better smart phones out there and it’s only the brand conscious who really think the iPhone is the greatest invention since sliced bread, I beg to differ. Maybe some technologies work better on other phones. But the iPhone overall, for looks, usability, navigability, blah blah blah, is simply the best!

I digress. Well, I’m sad I missed winning the iPad. It would’ve been a wonderful complement to the iPhone. Maybe I’ll buy one for my husband! Or perhaps, I’ll win it in another contest.

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