Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A tyrant boss: an obvious inferiority complex

Human beings are really strange creatures. We cry when we’re happy, laugh when we’re nervous, and smile when in pain! Ridiculous, isn’t it? Why do we hide behind these masks? These facades that we put up don’t necessarily apply to our personal lives only. It’s what we do in our professional lives as well.

When a superior chastises a subordinate in public, it’s the rare one does more than project a sullen face. Most pretend that it doesn’t matter in the least. Emotions are masked behind a brave face; the hurt brushed off with an “I don’t care” attitude. The truth is disguised in this mask: it hurts, deep inside. It eats away at your confidence and makes you feel so small, you want to just curl up and die. Humiliation is insulting and intimidating.

What goes through the tyrant’s mind when he/she resorts to putting someone down in public? Are they so insecure about their positions / status that they need to prove to the world at large that they are in a position of power? The irony is that they are viewed as idiots. Why do they choose to abuse their positions of power and cause sadness in pain? In this day and age everyone is aware of basic psychology. Reading people’s behavior is a piece of cake. This manner of conduct is a clear case of an inferiority complex spewing out in the form of compelling respect where it isn’t deserved. Ridiculing or belittling another is just a sad excuse to cover the actual traits of the weakling in power. The foremost thing to keep in mind when dealing with people is that respect cannot be demanded; it has to be earned.


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