Tuesday, April 29, 2008

XLRI, Jamshedpur

The sheer pleasure of being a student, even for week, is so intensely welcome. The trip was fantastic. The networking, mingling, forging bonds and scouting out future prospects – the whole package was worth the effort of travelling there. Nonetheless, the travel experience has proved to be a nightmare that's certainly unwelcome. The onwards journey was ok – flight was on time. We whiled away time at some AC malls before heading to Howrah. A small issue of the tickets was resolved after walking up and down Howrah station running from pillar to post trying to identify someone responsible!!! Filthy station, humidity was high.

The XLRI campus is lovely. The hostel accommodation is quite drab and the canteen facilities rather unimpressive. THEY MAKE LOUSY COFFEE! For the first time since I was 15 I went without my morning dose of caffeineL. Late nights, less sleep and the clammy weather put a damper on the enthusiasm levels. Classes were boring. Except for Prof. Pady, the star of our visit!!! Only a brilliant mind could make such a dry subject like Law, as entertaining as he did. I must say that we managed to bunk a few classes – typical student life.

The networking party and the dance were both great. I didn't expect to have such a great time at the dance – but I did. In a way it brought that whole bunch a lot closer. The bond has been established.

A lot of little surprises came our way – in the form of the puppies that latched onJ. Flattering indeed! I would call another pup a wolf, or a bear (for you H), or could he be a stalker? Poor thing – I'm such a bitch. The smses continue to roll in and provide entertainment.

Sweaty, smelly and incredibly tired – landing at Bangalore airport was very welcome and refreshing.

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