Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rainy weather

As I stand by the window gazing out onto the street, I listen to rhythm of the raindrops falling … pitter-patter, like babies' feet on wet ground. All I want to do is head out for a long drive, a hot cuppa coffee and a snuggle in comfy surroundings.

It's a criminal waste indeed, to be shuttered up in office when there are so many wonderful things to do outside. The world is my space, and discovery my aim. Woe be it that the job doesn't permit flexibility in hours.

Sitting in my chair, penning my thoughts out, I yearn for freedom from the monotony of the job. Sometimes I feel like blowing up the job in smoke, of taking the risk of leaping into the unknown. I've been toying with the idea of relocating – another land, another world, a new life to lead. What keeps me behind? Obligations, people, one person? Or is it fear of the unfamiliar that fetters me here?

In my daydreams I'm far away, never near – living amid greenery and enjoying life.

Rains bring on desires, an ache for something I've never had. But even the echo of the yen can't take away the pleasure of watching the raindrops fall.

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