Thursday, July 31, 2008

Faith: Stones vs People

I knew I would blog about this the minute I heard the declaration while watching ‘Kismat Connection’. The fortune-teller says ‘People place more faith (trust) in stones (gems) than in people’. As I pondered this statement, it dawned on me that it is certainly true. There are only a handful of people who accept responsibilities for actions, circumstances and reactions. We find it easier to blame fate, people or astrologers. It may seem far-fetched to assume that we are indeed responsible for what happens in our lives.

Faith is a wonderful thing. What I find astounding is the miraculous turnaround of events when so much faith is placed in something. Looking at the rationale behind it, you can see clearly, why it is so. When there are large pools of energy centered on anything, amazing things do happen because of the highly charged fields around. Hence, the power of faith shows results. This is why charms and stones make people believe in the power that they contain. Most people do not see that there is a logical sequence leading to the power within.

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