Friday, July 25, 2008

Silver lining

Dark skies and an even darker mood set the perfect bleak morning indeed! I sighed as I raced against time to get to office before I hit traffic hurdles on the way. Drat! I was stuck anyway! So much for a fresh start in the morning!

The silver lining first came shining through as I stepped out of the car, juggling my clutch purse, breakfast tiffin, car keys and umbrella. The wind blew the umbrella upside down. It was hilarious. I was giggling and laughing as I frantically clung to the handle and other stuff, pulling the upturned umbrella right and crazily tried to keep from letting the umbrella fly away with the wind.

Not a bad start for the day, I thought as I walked to the elevator. Then, a surprise! I think the reason for my glum frame of mind sees a shimmer of hope. I hope I am right – fingers crossed tight.

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