Thursday, July 24, 2008


How many of us justify white lies? I know that I do. I rationalize them when it serves a selfish purpose. I know that there was a time in my life when lying was probably a deadly sin that I would not even put on my consideration list. I don’t know when that changed. I have values embedded deep down, but do not necessarily follow. I want to reconnect to the person that I was when I had them clear.

Lying, cheating (in class): these are two areas I really want to address. I am not a habitual liar – I stretch the truth on occasion to get myself out of a sticky situation, to cover up something that I do not want to explain or to throw a shadow over an activity that will not be understood.

I would definitely never want to lie to my spouse, partner, whatever. I know that on occasion, I have done things to give the other person a reason to distrust me but my motives have not been bad. One time suspicion arose and I did something that is out of my normal self. Another time I know that it looked that way but I was actually trying to do something cute. Under the scanner of suspicion, it certainly would have been viewed in the wrong light.

I want to lie as little as possible but am caught in a dilemma. If I tell people about my intentions, I will get either a lecture or admonishing. To avoid that I would prefer to embellish the truth but I would really rather just be out with it. I'd rather face the consequences of the truth than live with the guilt of the lie when it comes to my partner.

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