Thursday, August 28, 2008


I had a two hour conversation last night!!! Whew! It felt so wonderful. I wonder what it is about some people who really take time out of everything that is happening in their lives, to devote some time to keeping a relationship going. I know I’m not the best friend to a lot of people. I’ve taken a step back in many friendships for varied reasons; some to give space, others to let go, a few to sort out overshadowing problems and regrettably many because I put my relationship with a man on the forefront.

The astonishing part is that at least 90% of the friendships have remained steadfast because, as friends, I’ve been accepted for what I am, and the underlying reasons to break the weekly meetings were completely understood.

It’s taken years to build close bonds with people. Not one of these friends has become a buddy overnight. We’ve seen each other through emotional turmoil, be it the death of a loved one, a heart-wrenching break-up with a partner, fights, disagreements…and it’s taken years to build-up genuine, heart-felt affection for one and other.

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