Monday, August 4, 2008

A weekend relief

Wow! What a wonderful way to end an otherwise mundane weekend. Ego, they say is what stops you from taking that step forward, an inch closer to mend a rift. I sigh knowing that my ego will never stand in the way. Well, at least not for long.

Restless night spent worrying over an upset stomach. At least the comfort of a reassurance at hand eased the pain. I hugged my pillow close – I miss it when it is not there. Strange, you would think, that a pillow would not be there. Sometimes it slips away and when it does, I wake up disoriented and alone – the loss of it making me feel like a child without his / her security blanket.

'The Secret' surely helped - for my pillow is still around :-) It may not have direct bearing on the physical asset, but yeah, it helps to know that things do turn around. (Laugh all you want - the book is truly amazing.)

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