Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Will it be the same?

It is sad but true that perhaps in a week’s time things will be back to the same as it was. Time would not be of importance once those are back. Sigh! Now that other things have taken priority with me I guess it will be a way to move on with life…leave the past behind, bit by bit, trailing behind as everything fades into emptiness once again.

Gosh, I am so very dramatic! I know that to believe that something will change would probably just be foolhardiness on my part. What is life going to turn out like? I wish I could look into the future and see what turns have come my way. Then perhaps, at crucial turning points, I would be able to make a good decision.
I should remember to focus on the positives but my mind keeps drifting to what I think it will be. I wish things would change, at least enough to make me believe that I was wrong.

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