Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back after a hiatus

A long hiatus…I did absolutely nothing this holiday season. What a wonderful feeling to give both mind and body rest. We so rarely make the effort for ourselves.

Danced at a wedding – got blisters in my feet – ouch. Watched silly movies, slept, slept and slept like a baby. Spent wonderful days/nights in super company and feel refreshed…recharged and ready to tackle the world again.

And so I thought to myself as an old man walked up to me and point blank stared into my face with, ‘What happened? Why couldn’t you adjust to the situation?’ I stared back; appalled to a certain degree that one could actually be so offensive. I had a mind to ask him if he was still getting any at home??? The thought made me giggle (inside my head). I followed the masters’ preaching and went for submissive, quiet, non- answer.

Back in Good Ol Bangalore (I love this city notwithstanding the roads, the politics, the pollution). I love the greenery. I like being close to friends and family. On the topic of friends, I’m quite lost. I seem to have drifted quite a bit and those that were friends are no longer close. I keep the connection…but find myself unable to relate anymore. It isn’t the inane conversation, just a mind drift. I feel years apart.

I’ve stepped into a new world. Will the sands always keep shifting? The minute you finish one task, does another mysteriously appear? Will there always be a new phase in life? I hope so. How dull a life would be if there was no conflict?

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