Monday, December 15, 2008

Why? Clear the mind??

If I grind my teeth, will they really fall off?

At every stage in life are hurdles bound to be there? Do we have to constantly climb? Seeking in vain the mountain top? Is the search a futile attempt to find Atlantis? It just cannot be. Why does there have to be strife at all??? To balance? What?

I’m getting moody again – damn that time of the month and the week before….women and our eternal complaints. Oufff!!!

Will a break help clear the mind? Does the mind need clearing? Is that only one perspective? Will the temp respite help ease the mind? Will that be an assurance? Why do I have so many questions? Why is there doubt at all? Human beings – we complicate our lives.

Bottom line – I’m still walking in the clouds :-)


Quirky Indian said...

Very timeless questions.....and for all questions like these, I suppose the answer has to be 64....or thereabouts! :-)


Quirky Indian

KM said...

Sure.....64..yeah. Eternal bliss is what we all seek :-)