Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai terror - is there no respect for life?

The tragic end of life for so many innocents in the recent terror attacks at Mumbai has sparked off anti-sentiments against Pakistan yet again. It’s a shame that racial profiling will be rampant again. There will be many to voice their thoughts against it, supporting those followers of Islam who have nothing to do with such violence. Yet, the ones who speak out will surely be those among the ones who haven’t lost friends or relatives in the bloodbath.

Is it fair to shower all our anger at the Muslims? Can we state with reason that all Muslims are terrorists knowing that it is only the other way around?

It’s quite inconceivable that such cold-blooded acts of inhumanity can be committed by humans. We see time and time again how some people choose to terrorize a nation, creating panic and causing unrest to serve what purpose? Are religion, politics, power and ethics so muddled in peoples’ heads that they have stopped respecting life?

We all know that religion today is nothing but a veil that politicians hide behind to abuse power. Organized religion goes hand in hand with politics and there’s no plausible way to stop it.

I feel for the Indian Muslim community that is going to deal with the whiplash of this incident. Education is sadly lacking in our nation, and we find the so called literate lot lashing out at innocents without a thought.

My thoughts are still forming. For now, all I can say is that what’s happening in our country are acts of powerful men and not the innocent masses.

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