Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Three little words

Just three little words strung together….deeper meaning, Yeah!

I Love You
I Forgive You
I Am Sorry

I’m sure there are a dozen more…or perhaps thousand more. Why is it hard to say this? Is it hard? Or have we, as people, made such a big deal about it that we’ve allowed our egos to come in the way of saying it and meaning it.

How easily we say:

I love chocolates (I, actually, hate them)
I am sorry, I’m late
I forgive you (in jest)

When you love someone, you just do…and that’s it. How many of us tell our parents or children that??? Do we only wait to tell someone special these words? The profundity of these words...what images they evoke.....I feel it...I really do.....truly, madly, deeply. I'm alive in every sense.

I feel it…I know it…what is love? Or forgiveness? Isn’t it all about letting go…..of everything?

Is this the Big O? ;)

I’m not crazy…just connecting all dots. Love, Apologies and Forgiveness….huddled up together….maybe I am crazy after all.

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