Monday, December 8, 2008

Will Bangalore burn soon?

The politician-government bashing is still on. This morning as I drove into ITPL, I felt the familiar rush of wanting to lash out against someone, as I was held up in a car-queue to get frisked. I caught myself before heading down that path. What use is it anyway? The terrorists are ruling over us. The threat looms over our heads…will today be the day Bangalore gets rocked?

As I drive into work everyday, the question hangs over like a sword ready to drop, will I get back home in one piece? We haven't tasted blood as yet, and hope we never have to. I'd rather go back to complaining about the traffic, the roads or lamenting about work hours or something mundane.

The rage against Mumbai burning is dying down. Interviews are still on and those who want their 5 seconds of fame are getting it; how many of us will take this as a sign to start doing something instead of taking a back seat and riding along? How many would try to clean up the system? Make any move or take action? Look at me! blogging about it, yet no clue how to contribute in any way.

The park idea is still open. Come January I hope I do something about it and not turn out to be another loser who only has a mouth of fury.

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