Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beggars - really beggars?!

The beggar, he walked, slowly, bones rattling with every step as he inched through traffic. A heart-wrenching sight of an old man, so distraught with his crippled self. Several people throw coins at him, desperate to get this abject view of poverty away from their delicate eyes. Then the traffic light turns green…a blare of horns rends the atmosphere and this poor, desolate man straightens up and scampers across the road. I laugh….beggars indeed!

Did you hear about construction workers renting, (yes, I mean renting in the true sense of the word), out their children to beggars. Someone’s got to baby-sit these tiny tots, and who better than the beggars, and why not? After all, if you’re getting paid Rs.2 per hour!!! So you rent them out and make money off them, while you’re also making money at the construction site.

What is the world coming to? Knowing all this, we still don’t have a way of putting a stop to it. Talk about crimes against humanity – we rant and rave at the injustice that seems to consume the world, yet, we feel powerless to stop what’s happening right under our noses.

Here I am – blogging away about it knowing that I won’t do anything about it. Don’t know where to start. How does one fight this nexus? It’s common knowledge that it’s a gigantic nexus of crime-lords that rules this roost. Q&A made a point of it. Another day goes by and we feel powerless against the devils that roam the earth. Sigh!

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