Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News - a laugh?

More often than not news items make one wonder what the world is coming to.

Sanjay Dutt: a politician? This man abetted terrorism, yet the public sympathizes and even justifies his actions. Filmstar glorified – the Indian public is a demented lot.

Science: Cancer free baby. Testing on babies? Is that fair? How do they know that there’s no side-effect or creation of a new crazed species? What is wrong with the world today?

Obama retaking speech: So he faltered…the world is watching. He’s human, isn’t he?

Research: Monkeys and Humans: give a monkey a gun and he laughs and plays. Give a human a gun and he shoots a hundred people. Conclusion: humans are more religious than monkeys. How enlightening!

I can go on and on…news items these days. Most are a hoot!

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Anuraag said...

Poor Obama...he gets the rap everywhere I went after the Americans too ... :P in my own way.
By the way I got reminded the super ridiculous story on Aaj Tak a couple of years back.... Cobras Mating...

Imagine switching to a news channel hoping to catch news on sports or some real scandal...What you get is Cobras Mating for News. If only I had a nickel for all such stories on New Channels.