Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What is the world coming to?

Watching the news is depressing. Should India follow Israel? It’s unthinkable that our country would contemplate taking the lives of civilians to combat terror. Even if we use this approach, will it be the final cut on terrorism? Doubtful. So why is the question even being raised?

Last month we had a young boy showing off on a bike shot as he tried to evade cops. The city was screaming murder and injustice, but the truth is that he seemed like a threat; his bad luck that he jumped into the wrong compound and climbed onto the wrong roof. With all the panic buttons on high alert, one can hardly blame them for shooting him down. Excuse me – you’re on the roof on a cell phone, surrounded by cops, refusing to come down, what do you expect? A cup of tea perhaps? Come on – that would be preposterous!!!

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Quirky Indian said...

I too was quite taken aback by some of the reactions to the shooting. It was tragic, but one has to remember: (1) the boy was running from the police (2) he jumped into a restricted area (3) he was spotted talking on his cellphone (4) he did not surrender when asked to do so, but ran again instead. In the current environment we are in, I can't really blame the guards for opening fire.

Quirky Indian