Friday, January 9, 2009

Acts of inhumanity - the punishment should fit the crime

It’s horrifying to see repeated rape news items splattered across the paper. It’s time the punishment for such devious acts fits the crime. Chop their no-good bloody balls off! Excuse my language, but such cruel deeds should not go unpunished. More horrifying is the cry from the panchayat and the village defending the very cretins who stink up the earth with their disgusting ways. Would these villagers stay quiet if their sisters, mothers or wives were subjected to such humiliating and revolting exploitations? I’d like to put that theory to test and see them burn with rage (I wouldn’t want the women hurt though). So perhaps, a fantasy projection so they could feel like it was happening!!!

Physical abuse of any kind should not go unpunished. Last night as I lay in bed and heard the voice soothing me about not being over the past, I know now that it’s true. The humiliation still eats me up inside. I know it’s in the past and I can look back and be thankful that it’s behind me, yet the idea of any human being having to face even an iota of what I went through galls me. The notion that such people get away, scot-free, (and people like me let them) is really frustrating.

How do we educate such human beings?

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