Monday, February 16, 2009


For the most part positive people tend to focus on uplifting thoughts and therefore stay mentally and emotionally content. Negative people tend to stray with their thoughts, tongues and actions that could lead to the downfall for someone else.

A month back D called me and had something to say that I’ve been pondering these past few weeks. Does bad karma from parents visit their children?

Comparison of Father’s behavior vs. his Son-In-Law’s (A snapshot of a few similarities)

Good at heart. Keeps family happy. Loves his family, no doubt.
  • Drank heavily
  • Mocks wife
  • Unhappy with life
  • Short-tempered
  • Uses mild abusive words
  • Orders wife around

No comments on personality or character.
  • Drinks heavily
  • Humiliates wife
  • Unhappy with life
  • Short-tempered, cold rage, yells, shouts, screams
  • Makes debasingly cruel and offensive statements
  • Treats wife like door-mat
  • Violent, nasty, cold, insulting
  • Ill-mannered

Many years later it seemed like the son-in-law had donned the father’s role with a twist: he tweaked it with a tinge of sadism. If the similarities in this case were not so striking, I would be loath to believe that the sins of the father could be borne by the child. The possibility no longer seems so far-fetched.

Probing deeper I conclude that if a child can benefit from riches and good karma, then he/she can also be inflicted with bad karma passed down. It’s sad, but that’s just life.

The bright side: the past is history…the foundation to build a future not quagmire to pull you down. With the right attitude, anything is possible


Quirky Indian said...

I would disagree.....the individual is responsible for her own karma.

In any case, there is no definitive argument in either case. It's a question of view and opinion.


Quirky Indian

KM said...

It's debatable for sure. I would like to think that people are responsible for their own karma, yet I have come across situations that baffle me. Although I'm with you on an individual being responsible for their karma, I also stand by the possibility that parents karma can be transferred onto children :-)

To each his own...opinion