Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Freelance writing - Ideas anyone

A freelance writer’s world can be quite challenging indeed, especially if you rely on your writing to generate money. Every day throws up the inevitable question – will I have work tomorrow? One really cannot make a plan for the next week or month, much less even consider the year’s quarter. 

Although there are clients that I have who do give in regular work, it is never comfortably spaced out in the month. More often than not, all the clients decide that their work needs to complete in the same week. Then I’m left twiddling my thumbs the week after.

How does one really get regular work at home? It’s good to be on a retainer (I fortunately have one client like this), so at least there is a guarantee of money at the end of a month. However, as hard as I look, I can’t seem to find more work like this.

My next crib is about the lack of writing competitions in India. I looked online for contests for writers in India and am shocked to see that this space is sadly lacking. Indian writing is sparking interest in the world; yet, India itself doesn’t have enough avenues for aspiring writers. 

If anyone does know about competitions in India especially, please do post a link.

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GaneshP said...

Chillibreeze.com had a travel writing contest last year. They have a lot of stuff for writers including meetings in different cities etc. Not sure if they are having any contests this year.