Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stop cribbing and start living

Sometimes I get tired of listening to the predicament of women, especially the educated ones who strive so hard at the workplace and at home. More often than not women lament about how tough it is to maintain a healthy balance. Too often women fall prey to the ‘why me’ syndrome.

Somewhere in the middle of off this a woman loses herself, too absorbed in pitying herself that she forgets to face the reality – This is life, get used to it and stop cribbing!

I know it’s easier said than done. I frequently catch myself getting bogged down by the mundane chores of the household and the exciting thrill of achieving something outside the home. I remind myself that this is a choice that I made. I can change my mind anytime and prioritize something else. Duty is highly overrated today. People find themselves drifting back to the memories of the days when life was not so demanding. Wake up – with progression comes changes. A new era come with its share of both good and bad. It’s what we decide to take from it that matters.

I don’t have a very strong case or point to make. I feel strongly about wasting life dreaming about a past. It’s far better to change the present and visualize the future rather than sighing in melancholic despair over closed doors. And in this case, it isn’t just women, but human beings in general.

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