Friday, March 5, 2010

Woman's Day - overrated?

Every year as Woman’s Day approaches, it’s astounding to see how much content gets generated about the seemingly eternal battle that women face in the world, be it abuse, literacy, sexual crimes, workplace inequality etc. – the list is endless. I agree that world over and especially in eastern countries which are more traditionally and culturally inclined have rampant issues in these areas. Even today, it’s possible that women, even educated ones, are at the receiving end of the stick.

Still, radical changes and developments have happened since the silent voices have been given words. Today, everybody cries murder (loud and clear) in the name of aiding the development of a woman.

Does anyone agree with me that this whole Woman’s Day concept is a little overrated? Each gender plays a role in society, even in the natural environment. The natural role of a woman is to nurture and care and the man’s is to protect and provide.

Sadly, in our (human beings) misled aim to merge the gender barriers and the like, we seem to have forgotten this underlying fact. I would never endorse disrespecting a woman in any area of life; but I see how many of us (women) misuse the very concept of liberation of woman.
Men have their faults but so do we. Our voices are loud and clear while lamenting about them. Few of us look at our own actions and see where we might have failed or been wrong.

For example, a working woman refuses to nurture at home claiming to have no time or inclination in this area. In many cases, I agree, that in a DINK or even in just a double income household, time is short and it’s difficult to balance home and work. There are men who chip in to help with the housework while the majority thinks it below their dignity to even set foot in the kitchen. However, I’m not here to deride men’s behavior or attitude.

What am I trying to say then? Merely that through time the essence of a woman has lost its appeal as we have fought for equality and torn down barriers. Some have been done for a good cause – yet, many have yielded results that have a devastating effect on the future generations. Children no longer enjoy the security of having their mother’s attention. They no longer relish freshly prepared meals. They spend long hours watching TV and playing computer games since both parents are too exhausted to spend quality time with their children.

Sigh! Progression has its evils. Sometimes, a good turn of events can lose track of its main objectives, leaving behind footprints of negative elements strewn about.


Sumira Khan said...

completely agree with you... In fact, I was thinking the same thing while reading other posts on women's liberation. We are so busy crying ourselves hoarse over gender equality at the workplace and at home that we tend to miss the bigger picture... I've seen many children bearing the brunt of this supposed women's lib... it is sad but as you said - Progression has its evils.

Sumira Khan said...
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KM said...

:-) It's hard to strike a balance with things. I guess there will always be two sides to every coin and story, pros and cons to every decision, an equal and opposite reaction to every action and so on...