Friday, April 30, 2010

Arm-twisting for an advance

An actor / singer recently approached me to create a website to highlight the artist’s talent. The client (artist) wanted it be confidential. After haggling over a price, we finally settled on a mutually beneficial one, but the artist did not want to part with money upfront. I merely asked for a 50% advance. After being burned one too many times recently with clients conveniently facing difficulties in making payment after the job was done, obviously, I turned the job down, reluctantly, but nonetheless, firmly. I used the client's desperation to get someone to work on the website as soon as possible to my advantage. I was not going to be taken for yet another ride. Needless to say, the client immediately had a change of heart.

I've realized one thing - be a freelancer only if you can afford to be non dependent on a steady source of income.

Usually, I have cribs when I post something. However, this time, I am happy to post that the client will pay the advance, after which, I shall begin the work.

Sometimes, arm-twisting is required.

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sulo badri said...

happy for you...