Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting back on track

It’s so easy to veer off-track. Sometimes, the thrill is worth the detour, an unexpected twist in the journey of life. At other times, it’s carelessness, a weakness that erodes the core being. Lately, I find myself getting obese. Well, not exactly obese but not as concerned about weight as I should be. I eat more and exercise less. To be honest, exercise has been on the back burner for so long now, it’s become a forgotten regimen altogether.

Another forgotten yet lovely pursuit is the joy of the written word – reading and writing. I don’t do enough of either. I don’t know how the days go by or how the many wonderful hours are really spent. I lose track of time and am always short of it. I feel lethargy seep into my bones. I’m tired, lazy and nonchalant about a lot of things that I used to care about strongly.

I’m happy, happier than I’ve ever been in my life, including my childhood, and that says a lot. Yet, this blasé attitude of mine isn’t healthy. Where’s the motivation to get up early in the morning, smell the fresh air on a run? One week, I follow the rigours of exercise with zeal and the next week it crashes down. Something else becomes more important. Sometimes, the late nights kill the energy through the day.

Getting older isn’t fun when it comes to energy. One late night and I’m exhausted for the next two days. I just can’t handle it anymore. Anything post mid-night really saps the energy out of me.

I’m happy to just put these few thoughts out...I want to blog every other day, I hope I find a way to do just that.

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adreamygal said...

Well it does happen to me too , and despite being aware , sometimes its just too tough to stop this guilt feeling too ! But well , let us enjoy this phase today too , for as time flies , we will remember these moments with smile and say how lazy I was ! :)