Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tradition - right or wrong?

What is westernization really? Is it the propaganda about adopting progressive attitudes? Or is it the degeneration of old values? Older folks often say that this generation has gone waste; they don’t value tradition anymore. While it stands true in most cases, they fail to notice that this generation is much stronger than the previous ones. Individuality stands out, opportunities are endless, obsolete and inefficient systems have been cast away.

Traditions change with time and so do people. It is shockingly true that the youth today have no scruples whatsoever; but, this is based on our own definitions of right and wrong. Who says that we are right, after all?

Take premarital sex for instance—is it right or wrong? The biological system demands sex as a natural act as soon as a body is mature. Look around you—the animal world is abundant with this fact. Yet, because we live in society, we term it as ‘unnatural’ or a ‘sin’. I don’t mean to mock anyone’s beliefs or even say that they are wrong. This is just my perspective.

It’s hard for parents to realize that their children have grown old enough to have sex. Years of tradition, values and culture have inbred the idea of sex before marriage being a sin. From a logical angle, this is absurd.

I’ve digressed (something that I fight hard to overcome). We need to open our minds to the children of today. They are not the same as us, our parents or grandparents. BTW – each generation thinks that the following one is deteriorating. The current generation (youth of today) thinks of the older ones as narrow minded, stuck in their ways and uncool.

I constantly battle tradition. I like them; certain routines have a sense of belonging associated with them, like lighting the lamp in the morning. Others seem pointless and a waste of time. Those I ignore. I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule with what’s right and wrong. It’s just in one’s mind.

One must learn to accept changing times, changing values and changing traditions.


adreamygal said...

True ..cultures , with a strong and rational reason to follow are mostly welcomed ...Sometimes , they are not a matter of right and worng , because most of traditions , seemed to be right at thei times , but as new generations step ut to a better world , some traditions are bound to lose their importance with changig times ..Ah ..i gues i can stop otherwise it vl come to another post ;)

bdw loved ur writing style and points ..Apt and crisp :)

KM said...

Thanks :-) - feels good to know that my style is appreciated.

Sumira Khan said...

Ah, but there lies the difference between the animal kingdom and humans.... we, thankfully, are endowed with the ability to weigh situations before they become actions. We can choose to either let our urges or our beliefs do the talking for us. The 'tradition' of not indulging in premarital sex was and is (still exists in certain societies) for several reasons.

As an adult today, I'm thankful for some of the ‘traditions/values’ I grew up with. Of course, adolescence didn’t allow be to see the logic in a few of them. But I think I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without that grounding.

Sorcerer said...

very true.
Its about understanding the changes and the older generation never forgetting the way they challenged changes in thier younger days.

Wonderful writeup

lena said...

Hi Kavita,

I just wanted to let you know that I have posted a review of your blog on The Colors Magazine here -

The review is the prize for winning Best Blog Post contest in February.

Lena said...

I believe traditions are a great part of the country and its culture. However the society should be able to adjust traditions to a new reality, of course when it makes sense.

There are things in life that should be decided by people themselves and not by the society rules.

Magic Quill said...

A sensitive topic but i feel certain traditions are to protect the timid and the meek from impulsive decisions that may lead to their downfall.Enjoyed your post thoroughly!