Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boredom banished by a silly statement

Call me crazy! But I found an inebriated statement from a trekker really funny! We were sitting around chatting after a day’s hike, talking about inane stuff, when a guy in the group started talking about nuclear weapons, Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and how the US was controlling the chaos in the world and creating an earthquake in China which resulted in the air forming a pink cloud haze. Suddenly, one of the guys under the influence of alcohol looked up at the sky and said, “Hey, you know what, you’re right about the US controlling everything. We can’t see the stars in the sky tonight. Look! The US had done this - they’re created a cloud in the sky to prevent us from gazing at the stars!”

The poor bloke who was basking in the bored woolgathering of fellow trekkers while he rambled on about something that none of us were the least interested in (at least, not right then) turned beet red as the whole group burst out laughing, agreeing wholeheartedly that the US had strategic designs to create cloud masses over avid nature buffs.

A serious mood turned funny with the actually carefully thought statement by the drunk guy (who by the way, wasn’t really drunk, but acting like it. He’s a teetotaler.)

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