Friday, April 16, 2010

When a client doesn't pay...

What do you do when a client refuses to pay; if he keeps dodging your calls and avoiding your emails; if he reassures you of payment the next week and it’s the classic story of next remaining in the future always? How long can one wait? I certainly don’t want to write this off as a loss. It’s work that I’ve done and I deserve to get paid.

My fury rages as I imagine descending on him and wringing his neck. Sure, my emotions are on high gear and the visualization of murder probably inappropriate, but it’s so frustrating to be unable to do anything. Do we have rights as freelancers even if we haven’t signed a contract? Can I sue him on the basis of emails?


The Quirky Indian said...

You can, but they bank on the fact that as a freelancer, you will have to waste a lot of time and money in pursuit of a legal option. Most people don't think it is worth it, and so clients like him get away with it.

Usually though, persistence does the trick.

Janmenjaya Mishra said...