Thursday, April 8, 2010

Youngistaan Ka WOW!

My challenge to Ranbir is: How would you get your lost bottle of Pepsi from the center of a streak/ambush of hungry tigers in broad daylight?

This post is for the April 2010 - Youngistaan Ka WOW! Contest.


adreamygal said...

Heeheeh..lets wait for Ranbir's answer :P

Neeraj Singh said...

God help me to win youngistan ka wow 50 lakh rupees.

Pallav said...

Tough challenge

Darr ke aage jeet hai types lol

check out mine

hitesh rawat said...

why is everybody trying to get him killed...... :)

well one think he can do is drop that towel and if there are tigress in the task..then he'll surely win

Lakshmi Rajan said...

ha ha Gladiator style :P should be a braveheart for this ;)

Arif said...

Itnaa tough? haha Ranbir will sout 'mummy'!!

BTW, check out the visual of Ranbir jumping from the Bandra Worli Sea Link shouting WOW WOW WOW and gulping down a can of Pepsi! Do write your comment/feedback at:

Farila said...

You don't like him huh???? good you are not the game master LOL

check out my challenge for him which is not that tough on!/profile.php?id=100000052983704
BTW good luck