Saturday, August 7, 2010

This happens only in India

  1. A cop bumming a ride off a man on the motorcycle not wearing a helmet.
  2. Fire engines landing up to douse out a fire in building without ladders and without water.
  3. Cycles, motorbikes, cars, buses, autos, people, and cows/buffalos all trying to navigate the same road.
  4. Service counter personnel more interested in their cellphone conversation than attending to a customer.
  5. The so-called educated, well-bred, nicely clad men and women cutting queues with no respect for the line. 
  6. Plucking flowers from someone else's garden to place in front of a deity (God). Stealing?

I’m sure there are many, many more vivid pictures of what makes India so special; infuriating but funny, laughable yet frustrating.

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sulo badri said...

thts a gud one.. yup laughable yet frustratin :(