Monday, May 23, 2011

Back to regular blogging (hopefully)

Looks like I attempt to begin blogging again every 6 months. That’s ridiculous but true. My last post (minus the previous one) was in October 2010. I write for others yet deprive myself of penning my own thoughts. I read, I think, I analyse, but writing unfortunately has been relegated to the back seat.

The corporate bandwagon beckons. Working as a freelancer has its challenges. Getting good quality projects at a good rate is challenging. There are many available projects; however, companies are not willing to pay higher rates. Quality is compromised at most places as they tilt towards cheaper rates. Besides, companies do not work ethically when it comes to payments. Trust me, I’ve written off many a debt. Grr!

Working from home is a lonely job. I miss people, conversation, coffee breaks. I dreamed about writing a book (who doesn’t). I still dream about being the new rage in publishing circles, yet I have to face the truth. I probably make a better editor than writer. I have the drive, passion and excellence (even if I’m scratching my own back) for editing, more so than writing.

Writing a book is very, very tedious. When I left the corporate world, I was really fed up of working late, commuting, etc. Now on the other side, I yearn for company. It's nice to work with a team, be a part of a company's growth / project, motivate people, feel motivated to come into work. The corporate world may seem bad, what with long commutes, late hours, bad managers, etc. But we all need to make a living somehow and it is easier to do it in the corporate world than on your own.

I guess the grass will always be greener on the other side. The perfect job for me is one where the company believes in its people, in the ability of an individual to deliver and not necessarily hold academic qualifications as the final deciding factor.

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