Monday, May 23, 2011

Real Beauty: The harmony of body and soul

Dove Real Beauty on Yahoo! IndiaBeauty has many metaphors, definitions and interpretations. While many consider the epitome of beauty as what lies within, others consider external appearance its embodiment. Men and women world over identify with beauty, whether it is in their skin, hair, heart, mind, body or soul.

I personally consider real beauty the essence of the physical form integrated with the intricacies of the spirit, the challenges of the psyche and the fascination of the imagination. While beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder, real beauty stems from the individual as a whole, comprising the body and soul in its entirety.

How often does one forget the sight of a beautiful woman? You turn around for a second look when you see an attractive person. Features, skin and hair define the physical appearance of a person. While features are inherited, personal grooming can augment the outer shell. Clear complexion, smooth skin and lustrous, healthy hair are aspects that people need to care for in order to look good. Appearances are important; it defines a part of who you are. Many impressions of people stem from first impressions, which in turn are derived from personal grooming. Pride, poise, confidence and attitude emerge unhindered when the physical form is pampered.

Real beauty lies within the sphere of the fusion of inner beauty and physical beauty.

The aura of a person emits radiance into the immediate surroundings. If you feel good about yourself, this vibration traverses into others around you. To feel good about yourself, you need to look in the mirror and like what you see. On the surface, smooth, soft, silky skin and healthy, shiny hair give you what you need to get that bounce in your step and smile on your lips. Going deeper into the psyche, the soul needs to be at peace; the eyes reflect what lies within, while the glow in the skin conveys what you feel about yourself.

A clean, clear conscience eases frustration within. Many physicals ailments stem from internal conflict. Pain and misery originate from frustrations that are deeply rooted in the mind. There is ample evidence to support the belief that the mind is a powerful tool that can fight even the deadliest disease. If you are happy with the way you lead your life, then your conscience will be clear, the reflection of which will show in your eyes and skin, enhancing beauty.

Cosmetic products from reputed brands can enhance the beauty of the body. It is important to groom yourself to feel good about yourself. Constant cleansing of the body and soul are imperative to draw out real beauty. Just like you cleanse your face, moisturize it, shampoo and condition hair, exfoliate skin, etc., the soul needs to be cleansed continuously. Transform your real beauty using a combination of personal grooming and soul cleansing. It is imperative to maintain physical appearances. It is the first reflection of who you are and what you feel about yourself.

Beauty is simple yet complex, a paradox. Real beauty steps out of the shadows and into the limelight when the inner self and the outer self are in harmony. Briefly, real beauty is the harmony of the external appearance with the inner spirit.

Real beauty: a healthy glow, a sparkle in the eyes, a clear conscience, and a desire to look good always.

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Victoria said...

Wow, you said it beautifully! Beauty is definitely a paradox of simplicity and compexity. For true beauty all the pieces have to fit together. How many times have you seen a beautiful person, but when you get to know them they become less attractive because something is missing. Harmony is key.

Someone is Special said...

just so beautifull.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

Someone is Special