Saturday, August 6, 2011

A hiatus from the corporate world and now I’m back

Almost two years ago I quit working at Technicolor, Bangalore to explore opportunities as a freelance writer. The years away from the maddening world of corporate politics were good. Initially, I revelled in freelance work, working hard to bag projects, even dreamed about starting my own venture. As the months passed by, I felt emptiness set in. Although I had a few good projects, income was not steady. The biggest pitfall was when companies did not pay at all. I expected a few hitches along the way with delayed payments, but it was a real bummer to fall prey to the callous attitude of companies who outsourced a project and then made me chase them for payment.

I did some interesting work along the way: grant proposals, romance novels, editing for the energy sector, medical sector, proofreading, editing, etc.

Two clients that did not pay for commissioned work:
  1. Icon Publications – a Delhi based enterprise headed by Shyam Goenka.
  2. Klub Class – A Bangalore based enterprise headed by B S Raghuram.
It is extremely disappointing to note that these so called professionals behaved in an abhorrent manner when it came to making payments for work commissioned. I would advise anyone seeking to be associated with these companies to beware.

I am now an employee at Hewlett-Packard, a return to the same workplace I was in 7 years ago. It feels great to be employed once more. Feeling overwhelm me: I’m valued, I’m good at what I do. Yaay – I have a job once more. I cannot even begin to express how wonderful I feel getting back to work fulltime.

Needless to say, HP is a great place to work. I think I am going to do wonders here. It takes me at the most half an hour to commute – which in Bangalore traffic conditions is truly remarkable for a 17 kilometre drive. I take the expressway, paying a premium to travel about 11 kilometres on the BANGALORE ELEVATED TOLLWAY. I fly to office (figuratively speaking, not literally of course). 

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