Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random thoughts

I guess I’ll always try to blog..

I write all day long, professionally, for a company – whitepapers, articles, messages, newsletter... And I moonlight as a ghost writer. So, when do I make time to do some writing that’s just for me???
Here I am – again – after 3 months. Am I one of those bloggers who doesn’t really blog?

The good news is that working in this current role / company gives me a lot of flexibility. I can work from home from time to time. I don’t burn the midnight oil (don’t miss those days of working into the wee hours of the morning). I’m not as mentally challenged as I’ve been used to, so getting used to this kind of work is taking time.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m being underutilised; at other times I think I should be dancing in the air because I really have a wonderful work-life balance. Should I regret not going for something that is more challenging and pays more? Or did I make the right choice in choosing life over compensation.

Beyond this, I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I have a great marriage, a wonderful husband, a beautiful home, loving family and friends...what more could a girl want?

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