Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yelling - the norm?

Have people entirely lost basic etiquette? Has screaming / shouting / yelling become the norm?

I look around me and that’s exactly what I find. It doesn’t take much to trigger a fight – people seem to be raring to go. What’s appalling is its blatant presence in offices too. Nobody stands up to bullies who yell and scream (and yes, professional bullies are usually seniors in the organization) because they are afraid to lose their jobs or because nothing could come out of it.

I’ve been watching people at work, on the road, at supermarkets and other public spaces. Etiquette belongs to a bygone era. However, this overwhelming urge to yell seems to be gaining prominence everywhere. Whether it is yelling at a servant or junior employee, at a stranger on the road or even children, people do not feel any remorse for their behavior. Need I say more?

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