Friday, March 28, 2008

Chaining a mind

Hold that thought! Can you really chain a mind? What would you do with one if you could?

Literally speaking, chaining something would mean halting progression in some manner. From birth, or even dating back to the pre-natal stage, we are conditioned to respond to stimuli. It could be as simple as following tradition to something complex like being trained to be a terrorist.

I know a man who's mind doesn't stop working. He's either always talking or halts abruptly and wanders into a plane of his own. Oh boy! Would I like to chain that mind down – if only to finish the discussion in time.

A chained mind would be so boring on one hand. Imagine having a slave to your every thought. Someone who agrees with everything you say, condones your sins and has no opinion of their own – this person would have no worth in your eyes. A doormat he/she would be – and what fun would that be?

On the other hand, this slave would feed your ego, boost your morale up and worship the ground you work on. Ooh, the joy of having someone, a slave to your passions, a puppet for entertainment. Would this be a dream for only someone so shallow, so dull or just plain stupid? Or would this be the secret hope for you and me?

A young woman's mind is so easily turned. A ripe age for plucking – the perfect time to mould. A chain of a different kind…

A wandering mind is perhaps the most difficult to chain. Do you want to force your opinion on others and lose their respect? Or worse still, a mind in chains is your slave forever...can you live with that burden?

I'd like to chain the mind of my man if when I see it wander down other tracks. I'd think that he would too if he but knew where roving thoughts take me J


Sudhi Krishnamurthy said...

The writer, i think, is not at his/her best. The thoughts, so well grouped generally, has lost its direction this time around. Something to do with current subject? may be...may be not..!

Looking for more soon from the writer...


KM said...

Actually - you're missing the irony in this. If the thoughts are so well grouped, then how would you "chain a mind"?