Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A dream to come

I had a dream that I met you. I was walking down the path leading to the river to watch the sunrise and there you were, sitting on the banks enjoying the marvelous break of day as I approached. You turned and looked at me, and time stood still. We gazed at each other until eternity. (How clich├ęd, eh! What the heck – I enjoy being romanced and this is my idyllic daydream.)

Dawn spread around us as we sat alongside the river and shared your thermos filled with hot coffee. Our hands linked, we headed to the cottages and enjoyed breakfast on the deck. The rapport we shared was perfect. Discovering each other was a wonderful experience. We talked for hours

The cool mountain breeze and the warm city glow, both, made the magical moments together memorable. At dusk we returned to the cottages to prepare for the evening. I remembered the impromptu things you did all day. You made me feel special. You made me smile.

The moonlit courtyard, cozy candle-lit tables and chilled wine greeted us as we danced into the night. You had eyes for just me. We kissed for the first time and I thought I would explode.

You were wonderful. You were everything that I have always wanted. You give me hope that someday you will be real.

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