Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Expectations!!! It can be so exasperating when they do not come to pass. Discussing expectations the other day, I started feeling a bit uneasy because I think we all have them. It could be about the outcome of a game or exam, a bonus or a raise, a phone call, an email (since letters are almost outdated), a proposal, a kiss … the list is endless. When we do not receive what we expect, disappointment follows; trailing its path is resentment and frustration. It is easy enough for the other side to turn around and casually say ‘Don’t have any expectations’. It isn’t so simple, is it. If you can’t expect a raise from an employer, a phone call from a friend or love from your partner, is there a point in being around anymore?

We expect certain things from our associations with people. Sometimes friends give you the emotional release in the absence of a partner. Does this mean that you would stop seeking a partner because of the comfort zone of friendship? I don’t think I’m that way. I can get the comfort of friends and yet be open to seeking love. Am I not doing it now?

Conclusion: Expectations will be there. Managing expectations is the hard part. I know that I have dealt with it fairly well in the past at IDS. I know that my boss at HP managed my expectations well too. I manage people's expectations well, at least most of the time. Why won't someone manage mine?

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