Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hope brings something

The Secret is truly amazing. It is so simple, such a typical self-help book, yet so profound in its meaning. The feel good factor puts a big smile on my face J. Belief, faith…these make many things true. They contribute to what the world decrees miracles. Hope too falls in this category. They say that if you want something badly enough you will get it. I want someone to want me badly enough to get me! Moving on from lost causes, I hoped for a small thing, I had this tiny ray of hope shining through (Please let this happen, please, please, I want it to) and today, it happened. Which is why I was so stunned, I immediately connected it to ‘The Secret’. If I believe in the book strongly enough, will I have to power to rule the world around me?


Anonymous said...

I find "The Secret" to be offensive to all those people whose family members died of disease, or famine, or genocide, all those people who were tortured or maimed in any number of conflicts around this world.

They all hoped for something different, they all hoped for nothing bad to happen, they all hoped for the universe to bless them with good things. They hoped harder than most of us in the middle-class U.S. can possibly imagine.

Where did their hopes go? Why didn't their wishes come true?

I know how tempting it is to believe that our hopes and thoughts and wishes can influence the world around us... But all we can do is influence our own attitudes. To a small degree, those positive attitudes MAY be noticed by those around us, who in turn treat us with more respect/compassion/etc. But even that is no guarantee. Good deeds often go unnoticed, good people are often overlooked. Not always, but enough to make "The Secret" highly suspect in my opinion.

KM said...

Since your comment is signed anonymous there's little I can say. I love the book for what it's doing to me. I feel better. I do not mean to imply that people who face tragedies necessarily bring it on themselves. I'm taking the good parts of the book that make sense to me. It is true that like attracts like. Hope is something that we all live on. Without faith we would have nothing much to go on with when things are low.

Don't take it personally when I feel that good thoughts can influence those around me. If I'm in a good mood, people automatically respond likewise. I'm not focussing on the negatives because that just gets me down.

We are entitled to our opinions and I will respect yours. But for me, for now, I live on hope that good things will stem from good thoughts.