Friday, July 4, 2008

Sex in the City

Sex in the City is probably one of the worse movies made recently. Even for a chick flick, the movie did have an underlying factor of incredulity running throughout. Who even dresses like that? Do women aspire to look like her? Eeks!!!

I did love one line in the movie. She asks Big if he is sure he wants to get married and he simply says, “I want you”. I know it sounds somewhat tacky, but I thought it was such a wonderful line. I want someone to say that to me!!! I would fall head over heels with someone who said that to me and meant it. He is willing to get married for the third time in spite of his reservations just because he loves her so much and wants to be with her. The movie is a total failure thereafter. Sex plays such a big role throughout the movie and I can actually relate to that part. Two relationships get wobbly due to lack of sex; surprisingly one of them is a woman who feels the lack of it. I believe that physical intimacy is extremely important – the lack of it just makes the rest of it less interesting in a way. I could easily be a nymphomaniac. Then again, no – I think I am just normal. I need it; at least after knowing what it is, I miss it.

The last week has been a revelation. I see people differently. I view my present state in a new light. As much as I am trying to hold on to something, I also feel that I am drifting away. The action is missing; the magic seems to be gone. Do I miss it anymore, or is it just a habit? I cannot seem to forget some things said and done. How do you trust when things have never changed at all? We are all creatures of habit and I can see that so much in myself when I am constantly moving towards things that are too rigid for me, things that end up breaking me.

I am prejudiced against men. I view them all with suspicion and mistrust. Even so, deep inside I know that one day I will find someone or at least find in someone (who may or may not be in my life now), the ability to trust with conviction, someone who gives me butterflies in my stomach, someone who will love me so that I have no doubts, someone who I will make just as happy. It is a two-way street and I intend to find that love someday. The reason I wanted to watch Sex in the City is for the cliché. I want to believe in Love in its entire element and I do not think I will ever stop trying to find it.

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