Saturday, July 19, 2008

What I am

I am: unconventional, smart and sexy as hell

I think: I am better than most and would like to be better

I know: that no matter what happens, I will survive

I want: to grow older with someone special

I have: intelligence, wit, beauty (well a bit), and charm

I wish: for magical moments

I hate: chocolates, loud parties, and people with no passion for life

I miss: having someone special – someone who is mine

I fear: that I’ll grow old alone

I feel: like I’m not appreciated for anything

I hear: the sound of raindrops on my window, the whistle of the breeze in the trees

I smell: of fragrance; tantalizing and alluring

I crave: for passion, travel, stability and adventure

I search: for someone to challenge my mind

I wonder: what I did wrong

I regret: few things for experience has taught me, but yeah, I do have regrets (some paths taken)

I love: life

I ache: for a child

I care: about the people I love

I am not: conventional or unconventional (figure that one out :-))

I believe: that destiny lies in my hands

I dance: when the music touches my heart

I sing: in the bathroom

I cry: when I miss someone, when I’m sad or hurt, at movies or when reading a book

I don’t always: like the people I am with

I fight: with the ones I love the most

I write: to release tension

I win: I never win

I lose: the people I’ve given my heart to

I never: want to repeat the same mistake

I always: worry about things

I confuse: myself

I listen: when people are talking

I can usually be found: with a book

I am scared: of dogs, cockroaches … animals

I need: to stop wishing for something to happen

I am happy about: who I am today

I imagine: my imagination runs wild …

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