Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bangalore should shut shop early

The protest begins – hundreds throng the streets of Bangalore in support of extending the deadline for bars to be open late at night. How many of these party-mongers are responsible citizens?

I am against extending the deadline given the current scenario. Even though we claim to be a cosmopolitan city, we are a long way from the infrastructure capability to match the standard. Once can argue the stand both ways.

Attracts tourism. Gives working people additional entertainment options. Adds to the glamor of being a cosmopolitan city.

I would support opening up bars until the wee hours of the morning if there were additional traffic police, beat cops, public transport and very high fines levied on drunken driving. I do not think our city is capable of gearing up to facilitate this kind of movement. I admit to driving under the influence of alcohol and I definitely do not commend it. I hear people brag about how well they function behind the wheel several drinks down, and think how foolish they sound. Nobody is a safe driver with a few pegs down his / her throat. A menace and a danger to others is more like it.

Amsterdam could boast the lowest crime rates in the world, yet the inhabitants suffer from hard-core drug addiction. Although I do support the choice of any individual to live and breathe as they desire, it should not harm others or force others onto a devious route.

Back to Bangalore - as long as the city is not geared up to provide services / infrastructure to sustain a roaring nightlife, I stand firmly by my stance that pubs and other drinking joints should shut shop early. I think shopping malls and other centres should be open upto the time the bars are open. The night is a time to sleep, to revel in the darkness and enjoy the pleasant company of a loved one. Revelry is fine, within limits.

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