Monday, August 11, 2008

Women and safety - dense sometimes

I have to admit, rather reluctantly, that even rational, logical, smart and intelligent women can sometimes commit stupid blunders. Take for example putting up contact information online, even on networking sites. This gives easy access to unwanted elements to track you down. You might just do it without thinking – WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WOMAN. Think, and stop being as dumb as to assume that no one will misuse that information. Another foolish thing women do is give a name and number for home deliveries. This is something that did not even cross my mind. The delivery person is a stranger, but has my name and number!!! He could be a stalker, a rapist… Yet, we need deliveries, and need to give out accurate information for those deliveries to happen. So what can you, as a woman do? Perhaps a fake name and a landline number as opposed to a mobile?

I should put a chain lock on my door – it is certainly advisable, yet, I have not done it. Do I call myself dumb for that? I would not go so far as dumb, but careless, definitely. It is time to rethink some of my independence and focus a little more on protecting myself.

Danger lurks everywhere. Sometimes you cannot help getting into trouble, but just stop and think before giving your name and number out, even if it is to the friendly neighborhood grocery store. Better safe than sorry.

I talk about men and their failings often enough that I chose, very conveniently, to ignore the weaknesses in women. So here I am, humbly reminded that we women too get foggy brained from time to time.

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