Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is it easy to read a lie?

I’ve chewed over this a dozen times and cannot come up with an answer. Sometimes intuition guides me into believing the other person despite the circumstances. The number of times I have been in absurd situations gives me enough reason to give another the benefit of doubt.

Sometimes, the little devil inside me laughs over my shoulder as I struggle to play along with a tale that’s being narrated. At other times I mourn silently as I wonder why he / she are lying to me. Every so often I get the niggling sense of doubt that I’m being deceived. Occasionally my insecurities cloud reason and I burn with mortification as I listen to the lie.

At all these times there is no proof that a lie is in progress. It’s a hunch and perhaps, sometimes, a fleeting memory of me doing this to cover my tracks.

I am a lousy liar. I lie incessantly and quite shamelessly to my parents. Most of the time I see no reason to lie to others. In fact, I’m working on telling the truth as much as possible. I get annoyed that I’m now put in a position where I have to lie again. I’m still irritated with that situation and still raging on the inside.

Those close to me can easily identify when I’m lying. There are such obvious signs; my face is a dead give-away.

When I hear an explanation from someone I wonder sometimes if I’m being taken for a ride.

The bottom line is: I have trust issues with people.
So I can't say with 100% confidence that I can read a lie.

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