Friday, August 29, 2008

Empty words

A bitter taste lingers in my mouth as I am overcome with regret that I have put myself in a position to be a convenient resource of entertainment when options run out. I burnt my fingers once with a friendship; I was hit in the face with a betrayal of sorts. I steered clear from a controversy then, and have kept that particular friendship at arm’s distance, for good measure.

From time to time, as human beings, I guess each of us do, to some extent, use people. Somewhere along the way most of us draw the line at using when it comes to those you care about deeply.

This gloomy mood is nothing but my own fault for believing in empty words.

Words – you can do so much with them – express, contain, hurt, impress, charm, communicate….. Yet, when not followed with actions, they serve as a sour reminder of shallowness from the mouth behind the words.

Take for example, my classic statement of ‘I’m going to start cooking soon’. I actually don’t intend to do so, at least not out of any sense of urgency; and when I say these words out loud, who am I kidding? Really? Those who hear those words don’t believe me, so what’s the point of saying them. I am definitely shallow on this point. Just being superficial!

On a deeper note, people say ‘I love you’. You hear the words, but where’s the proof? Others make empty promises; when acts fail to trail them, repetitions of such statements only serve as a blatant reminder that a hypocrite stands blowing hot air. Finally a reputation (very appropriate, of course) develops – the person’s viewed as unreliable. Truly, it’s well deserved.

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